Easter is a beloved spring holiday, and it’s got plenty of activities associated with it. From Easter egg coloring to clever Easter egg designs, Easter egg hunts, Easter games, and more, there are plenty of ways (religious or not) to celebrate Easter Sunday. Here, see everything you need to plan and enjoy your Easter holiday.

Easter Sunday Essentials

How to Dye Easter Eggs

If you're dyeing Easter eggs this year, follow these five simple steps for adding a coat of color to those hard-boiled eggs.

18 Creative Easter Egg Ideas That Are Actually Doable

'Tis the season for hard-boiling, hosting parties, and decorating eggs. This spring consider skipping the messy projects (no more spills and splashes) for an activity that the kids can actually do at their own pace.

These Restaurants Will Be Open on Easter Sunday (Yes, Even for Takeout)

Whether you’re dining with family and friends to celebrate Easter with a takeout meal or you’re not celebrating at all, here are restaurants open on Easter this year where you can get your feast.

7 Easy Steps to Pulling Off an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting an egg hunt this Easter? Here are the basics to?planning a successful holiday hunt without breaking a sweat.

20 Funny and Meaningful Easter Quotes, Captions, and Messages

Fortunately, for every way of celebrating Easter, there's an Easter quote, Easter message, or Easter caption to capture and share the desired sentiment.

Must-Haves for Easter

The Secret to Boiling Eggs for Easter

It sounds easy, but there might be one thing you're forgetting when you're boiling Easter eggs.